The Paddocks Bed and Breakfast - Surrounded by beautiful countryside & places to visit
The Environment
Here at The Paddocks B&B we are very lucky to be situated in one of the most beautiful parts of Dorset and the country.
Part of The Cranborne Chase (area of outstanding natural beauty) and The Blackmore Vale.

We have achieved Bronze status in the TripAdvisor GreenLeaders Program. 

Since moving here we have:
  • Had solar panels fitted
  • Cavity walls have been filled
  • Where we can, we use environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  • And are changing over light bulbs to be energy efficient
 We Reduce, Recycle & Reuse
  • Water butts are fitted so we can water our plants without using precious treated water.
  • We have lots of compost bins to stop waste having to go to landfill
  • A wormery to recycle even more!
  • We try to recycle as much non compostable products as we can – what our council doesn’t take, we take to local recycling centres.
  • We provide bins for guests and would ask all to recycle: any unwanted paper / tins / plastic etc. in them.

The Birds & Bees

  • We have a number of bird boxes, bat box, Bumble bee rest and one for ladybirds / lacewings etc.
  • Unwanted food scrapes go to the birds
  • At the bottom of the garden is pile of logs for bugs to hide in.
  • And in the field a small chalk and flint mound for bugs to hide in.

We are trying to tempt more wildlife into the garden:
  • We have a small pond in an old butlers sink and a couple of mini bog gardens next to it in waterproof containers.
  • Planting flowers beneficial to bees & insects
  • Sowing wild flower seeds and plants on the bank outside the house - (a work in progress).
  • And of course there is a patch (or two) of nettles!
We have laid part of the front hedge (work in progress!) and are introduced new plants to help improve it - fill in the gaps, planted a native mixed hedge on one of the smaller field boundaries - good for wildlife and will help with any excess water run off and stop some of it reaching the streams.

Last year we planted a small area up as an orchard - which will be great if we can keep the geese and sheep away from them and this year planted 8 rare Black Poplar trees, now just got to stop the lambs trying to eat and knock them over!

The Paddocks B&B, Melbury Abbas, Shaftesbury, Dorset, SP7 0DA
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